No Two Alike // Keith Baker


Title: No Two Alike
Author and Illustrator: Keith Baker
Publisher: Beach Lane Books
Year of Publication: 2011

No Two Alike is a children’s non-fiction concept picture book intended for PreK through grade 2. Baker uses large pictures that extend simple text to convey the concept that though many things are similar, nothing is exactly alike. The book emphasizes the uniqueness of objects and individuals (snowflakes, nests, tracks, branches, leaves, forests, fences, roads, bridges, houses, friends). The language is vivid and enhanced by large images with striking red accents (particularly birds). The simple language excites children – “I can read this!”

Keith Baker is a former teacher turned children’s picture book author and illustrator. He prides himself in engaging students and teaching reading comprehension and concepts. The subject is adequately covered and extends beyond the natural world into the man-made world. Nothing is alike “almost, almost, but not quite.” No Two Alike fosters the spirit of inquiry. Young readers are inspired to explore the world and notice the differences between the birds, the leaves, the trees, and even the people around them.


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