Publishing Project


I’m currently taking a course called “Preparing Instructional Media” for my MLIS program. We were assigned to create an electronic published document as well as a paper-based document.  Both items are required to fit into a theme of our own choosing.  I imagined a Teen Book club based on fairy tale retellings.  It’s important to design events around relevant materials that are likely to garner interest from the target audience within the community.   I created an electronic poster for the club, an electronic flyer for one of the specific meetings, and two bookmarks to serve as the paper documents.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with my finished products.  Originally the typeface on the “Magical Retellings” poster was an off-white color.  It looked nice and clean, but some viewers had trouble reading the lighter text.  I wanted to appeal to teens stylistically.  The images and fonts chosen were designed to resemble some of the popular images that circulate on social media sites such as tumblr and facebook.  So many promotional materials posted by libraries employ zero graphic design concepts and are loaded with silly clip art and harsh colors and fonts.  My goal was to create aesthetically pleasing materials that provide enough information to interest the viewer in the event being advertised.

teen reader summer book club


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